News Letter


    The Sadavrat started by Mahanadaleshar Mahant Shri Narsinhdasji of providing meals daily to 1000 to 1200 needy and poor persons & to Sadhus and saints irrespective of caste ,creed and religious distinetion . Our principle is '' BHUKHE KO ANNA DO'' ( Food to the Hungry).  
   Panchkarma Hospital
    An Ayurvedic dispensery is run by the Trust where about 2500 patients on and average are getting treatment per month.  
   Ayurvedic Medicines
    Kamdhenu ark based on Panchaghavya Chikitsha principle is available in the temple campus.( here to be believed at SARASPUR, AHMEDABAD)  
Jagannath Mandir Dharamshala
Nakalang Mahadev Dharamshala
  There are Dharamshalas both at the main temple at Ahmedabad and the other at Shree Nakalang Mahadev Mandir, where Sadhus, Darshanarthees and itineret yatrees are given food and staying facilities.  
   Social Work
    Primary school, Panchakarma Hospital and Public water hut has been donated to Ahmedabad Municipal corporation. Donation is given to Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad.